Thursday, 22 October 2009

Certain Girls

Title: Certain Girls

Author: Jennifer Weiner

Book: Chick Lit (follow-up book to "Good in Bed")

Book Type: Paperback

Synopsis: Thirteen years have passed since Cannie's experiences in "Good in Bed". This book follows Cannie's marriage to her husband Peter, her rebellious daughter, Joy (as well as other crazy family members) and her now successful writing career. Instead of enjoying the lime light as a successful author, Cannie decides to write under a pen name and enjoy the quiet life ... which doesn't turn out to be quite at all!

My Thoughts: This is the long-awaited sequel to Weiner's "Good in Bed". It's filled with wonderful, memorable characters and Cannie's biting, self-deprecating sense of wit. I enjoyed how the chapters alternated between being from Cannie's point of view to Joy's. This book is even better than "Good in Bed".

My Rating: 4.5/5 (a really good read)

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