Friday, 2 October 2009

BOOK DISCUSSION: Re-reading books

I know that there are people who couldn't fathom re-reading a book. Why would they re-read a book? They already know how it's going to end! I agree somewhat with this since I do not re-read mysteries.

But, I do thoroughly enjoy re-reading some of my favourite books. I have read the first four Harry Potter books at least 3 times each -- everytime a new book would come out in the series I would re-read the previous books to remember everything that happened (if you just decide to watch the movies instead of reading the HP books you are missing out on SO much of the story imho). Harry Potter has got to be one of my all-time favourite books/series and I thank my BIL DF for getting me hooked on this series. But I digress ...

Sometimes I love to re-read series because it's like I miss the characters. Odd, huh? Even though I know how "Outlander" (by Diana Gabaldon) ends I love going through the journey with Claire and Jamie again. It's amazing how many details you forget or didn't understand the first time you read a book. Things seem to pop out at you because you get the subtle nuances that certain skilled authors are able to put into their books. Re-reading a series you get to remember where characters' relationships began even though you know how they end. I do find that I like to re-read series of books but that's probably because there is more history to the characters and I've felt like I've gotten to know the characters more. I've always said that you know you're read a great book when you think about the main characters long after you've finished the book.

The only problem that I have with re-reading books is that I have to give myself time to re-read my favourites. The adage "so little books, so little time" fits me perfectly. There are so many new books out there for me to get my hands on that I keep putting off re-reading my favourites. I've been meaning to re-read "Outlander" for over 3 years now! I'm such a Library Addict that I've had to give myself a Literary Time-Out from the library in order to re-read my favourites (and to read the books that I've bought over the past year from Chapters). We'll see how long I can hold out from using the library. :)

So, on that note, I challenge you to pick up one of your favourites are re-read it and see if you love reading it even more than the first time. :)

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