Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Prairie Tale

Title" Prairie Tale

Author: Melissa Gilbert

Book Type: Autobiography

Pages: 367

Synopsis: Melissa Gilbert, of "Little House on the Prairie" fame, writes a very touching, real and honest book about the ups and downs of her life in the spot light. She writes about her adoption into a legendary Hollywood family, her fame during her decade playing Half Pint on Little House, her close relationship to Michael Landon, her failed relationships, failed marriage and alcohol and drug abuse.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this candid book about Gilbert's life. Growing up I was a big fan of "Little House" and had heard bits and pieces about Melissa Gilbert's life in the spot light but Gilbert sheds light on a side of her that I had no idea existed.

It's interesting reading about her journey of self-discovery. She writes about her identity issues about being adopted as an infant, striving to be perfect at all things and to have people love her no matter what the cost to her self-esteem, personal health or relationships.

She also dishes a lot on her relationships, namely Rob Lowe and the Brat Pack that she hung around with, as well as her relationship with Billy Idol (news to me!). She also is candid and honest about her decent into drug and alcohol addictions which took her decades to admit to herself.

Overall, this was a really good read. I like her sense of humour and respect how honest she was throughout the book. It's nice to see a child actor who, unfortunately, struggled with the negatives that come with fame but ultimately came out the other side a stronger and more self-aware person.

My Rating: 4/5 (aka a really good read)


saskmom said...

Sounds great! I just put it on hold at the library.

Laurie said...

Great! :) I really enjoyed it. She writes well but isn't as innocent as her Half Pint image. ;)

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