Monday, 7 December 2009

A Body in the Kelp

Title: A Body in the Kelp (2nd book in the Faith Fairchild mystery series)

Author: Katherine Hall Page

Type: Mystery

Pages: 264

Synopsis: Faith Fairchild is having a dull vacation on Sanpere Island in Maine until she buys a handmade quilt at a local auction. The quilt was made by the rich and detested old woman, Matilda Prescott. When Faith and her friend Pix look closely at the quilt they start seeing a different kind of pattern and are sure it leads to the rumoured missing gold of the Prescott family. Suddenly bodies start piling up (two of which Faith finds, naturally). Once again Faith (the minister's wife-former NYC caterer/food snob) finds herself in the middle of a mystery and if she's not careful she and her young son may find themselves in hot water again.

My Thoughts: Once again this was a good mystery. Faith is growing on me as a main character although her frequent complaining about various foods that aren't up to her calibre is getting a bit much. The mystery goes along at a good pace and there are plenty of characters to keep you guessing at who's behind all of the murders.

My Rating: 3/5 (a good read)

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