Tuesday, 8 December 2009

BOOK DISCUSSION: Finding new reads

There are often times when I'm at a loss about what to read. I sometimes get bored of reading the same old authors or get stuck in a rut with some books that I don't enjoy.

If this happens to you, check out the Book Forum on Today's Parent (www.todaysparent.com/community/forums?book_club). I cannot tell you how often I've gone on there and received wonderful book recommendations. If it weren't for the people on that forum I never would have found Kelley Armstrong's book (nor would I ever have thought that I'd enjoy the supernatural genre) or Diana Gabaldon and Susanna Kearsley's books (all of whom are some of my favourite authors now).

There is a weekly book poll where other posters will write down the books that they're read along with a brief book review as well as the books that they're planning on reading the following week. There is also a children's book poll so we can help each other find new reads for our kids too. You can also ask for book recommendations ... just make sure you give the other posters some ideas of the books that you like. The people are very friendly and helpful and range from voracious readers (like moi) to more casual readers.

So check it out. You may be lucky enough to find some new authors and new reads.

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