Thursday, 28 January 2010

KITCHEN TALK: The Junk Drawer Dilemma

Everyone has one. Everyone needs one. It's the drawer that all the little things hanging around your kitchen get tossed into when unexpected company arrives at your front door. It's THE JUNK DRAWER!

Some of us have junk drawers from hell, others can keep it under control. Mine flits back and forth between the two poles of organization. :) Kitchen junk drawers house everything from post-it notes, pens, paper clips and extra batteries to school permission forms from 2001 and nasty old packs of gum.

Last week I finally was able to find a nice bamboo cutlery drawer tray. Since we moved almost a year and a half ago into our new house I've been using a cheap plastic version that my hubby picked up quickly at a local hardware store. So, what did I do with the plastic cutlery tray? I used it in my junk drawer. Yup. Might as well reuse it.

I can now easily and clearly see pens, pencils, calculator, hole punch and stapler as well as tape, message pads and our extra emergency Epi-pens. Will this drawer stay this way for long? Doubtful but at least I can easily re-organize it since everything has it's own 'spot' now in the drawer. You wouldn't have wanted to see what it looked like before the reorganizing *shudder*.

I now challenge you all to delve into the horrors that are your junk drawers. Purge what you don't need and be surprised at all of the stuff you thought you'd lost but have now regained.

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