Saturday, 6 February 2010

Please Follow me!

Do you enjoy my blog? Do you want to show me that you're a fan? Now you can easily do it by using the free Following feature! You can even keep track of your other favourite blogs by using the Reading List on the Blogger dashboard.

On the upper right-hand side you'll notice the Followers widget. Just click on the Follow button. If you already have a FREE Google account (you may have one due to Gmail etc) my blog will be added to your favourite blog listings on your Dashboard (your own personal blogspot main page which helps you keep track of the blogs you like to visit). If you don't have a free Google account you will be prompted to set one up. Very easy to do.

After you hit the Follow button a pop-up window will appear with the options to follow publicly or privately.

If you choose to follow publicly, your profile picture (if you have one) will be displayed on my blog under my Follwers widget (note: the followers widget may not show all followers of the blog due to space restraints but you can just click on a link from the widget to see all of the other followers). My blog will also be added to your Blogger dashboard so you can keep track of my blog and your other favourite blogs. I personally follow about 10 different blogs. It's so much easier to let Blogger organize them for me than to have to create a bookmark on my computer for each blog I follow. Plus Blogger will let me know if there are new postings on my favs.

Privately following means that you keep your subscription to my blog private but still stay updated with my blog's new posts on your Blogger dashboard. Personally, I love to see who's following me. Gives me some encouragement to keep a'postin!

Once you've decided whether to follow me publicly or privately, then you just click "Follow this Blog" button. Simple, isn't it?! Now you're a follower of my blog!!

So far, I have 20 people following my blog. My goal is to get that number up to 50! This whole blog thing is a learning experience for me and I'm enjoying it a lot. I just want to make sure that the work I'm putting into it is getting to as many people as possible. :) Please feel free to let your friends and family know about my blog (and my children's reading blog -

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!!


Mags said...

Just stopping by to say hi after you left your comment on my blog. I found the oven hash brown recipe that you told me about and have it bookmarked. It looks delicious!

Laurie said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, Mags. I hope you like that recipe. It's one of my favourites ... I love to make it for dinner actually. :)

Kelly said...

Hey Laurie! I love the new look of your blog, and am jealous how good your "junk" drawer looks!! Can you please help me - I need a valentine's recipe!!! Something to send with the kids....without nuts of course!



Laurie said...

Hey Kelly,
Once again the kids have asked me to bake some cookies for their classes ... which means at least 5 dozen cookies! Check out my "The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies" on this blog. They were really easy and tasted great. Didn't take too long either. :) The icing I used is posted with that recipe.

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