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The Vampire Diaries - The Awakening

Title : The Vampire Diaries - The Awakening

Author : L. J. Smith

Type : Supernatural / Young Adult

Pages: 253

Published : June 2007

Synopsis : Elena is the blonde, beautiful popular girl at her local high school. Used to getting whatever she wants she's not amused when she's snubbed by the new guy at school, Stefan Salvatore. As the new guy in a small town Stefan is under the microscope and has his own secrets to keep hidden. Stefan is a vampire who is constantly trying to go against his vampire's inner need to kill ... which is one of the reasons why he tries to keep Elena away from him.

My Thoughts : I'm a fan of the TV show that's based on this book series. It's a good show with a fair amount of action and some teen angst thrown in for good measure. This book, in my humble opinion, did not compare.
Maybe it's because I already had a picture of what the characters looked like because of the actors used in the show. Elena, in the show, is a dark haired beauty who, although being very popular is also very kind. In the book she's a blonde stuck-up snob who is used to being queen of the high school. Who wants to relate to a main character when they can't find anything to like about them? And why make Elena in the TV series the polar opposite? Maybe to make her more like her counterpart Bella from the hugely popular"Twilight" series? Hmmm? Even the secondary characters in Vampire Diaries (ie Bonnie or Vicki) don't match up in their physical traits or their personalities.
My favourite character in the series (who, by the way, isn't even in this book much) is Damon. He's a true vampire and isn't as wishy-washy as Stefan. I think there's a way make Stefan's struggle between being a vampire and not killing ... but I don't think Smith has been able to do it. Stefan comes off as wimpy. A wimpy vampire? I don't think so.

The storyline was very slow-going and almost came to a halt at one point. Even though it's written for teens doesn't mean that the storyline and suspense has to be lacking. I only read the first book in the series and didn't even bother with the second part of the book ("The Struggle"). Based on what I just read ... I think I'll stick with the TV show.

My Rating : 1/5

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