Sunday, 7 March 2010

KITCHEN TIP: Mashing bananas

Today I had 4 large bananas sitting on death row on my counter. The poor things were quite brown and just begging to be put out of their misery. Usually I'll just pop them into my ever growing banana stash in my freezer (kind of like a last minute reprieve for these old bananas). But tonight was Sunday night and everyone knows that Sunday night in our house means that I bake some muffins for the kids' lunches for the upcoming school week. There would be no reprieve for those bananas tonight!

Usually when I mash bananas I just use a fork. It works fairly well but the bananas tend to shift all over the bowl and I end up chasing them around.

Tonight I had a better idea pop into my head. Instead of using a fork I used my pastry blender. Worked like a charm! I was able to mash the bananas quicker and they were just as smooth as if I had used a fork. Plus it's a good use for your pastry blender which isn't a kitchen tool that gets used enough.

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