Friday, 23 April 2010

Border Lass

Author: Amanda Scott
Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance
Type: e-book
First Line: "He had been watching her most of the day."
Series: 2nd book in the Border series

Synopsis: Amalie Murray has blatently told her family that she has no desire to wed. Even so, her family, especially her oldest brother Simon, push her towards marrying Harald Boyd, a man who can advance the Murray's political status. Unfortunately Amalie cannot stand Boyd and continues to try to convince her family of her wishes.
During the 1389 coronation of the future king of Scotland, Amalie Murray unexpectedly overhears a seditious conversation between two men who mean to harm the monarch, one of which she's sure is Fife, govenor of the realm. When Sir Garth Napier sees Amalie overhearing the conversation he asks her to divulge what she heard. Garth has been very suspicious of Fife especially in regards to the deaths of two of his friends. Garth becomes worried that Amalie might have gotten herself into trouble by overhearing the conversation.
When Garth is asked to join Princess Isabel's household where Amalie lives they begin to form a friendship. But when more deaths occur and brings the danger closer to home, it forces Garth and Amalie to take drastic measures to ensure Amalie's safety.

My Thoughts: I had bought this e-book via to use on my iTouch. I had never actually read an e-book before and thought that this would be a nice, easy read to see if I liked not having paper in my hands as I read.

Well, this book was not a favourite. I had some good ideas but it felt like they weren't followed through with enough energy or detail. The first 3/4 of the book was pretty blaw. The characters were fairly muted and not nearly as believable as I would have liked. There was some political intriugue .... but it didn't go far enough. It also got a little convoluted because of all of the names and titles the men had back then. The author would use The Douglas in one sentence then Archie the Grim in the next when referring to the same man. Confusing.

It didn't help that this is the second book in the Border series and I had not read the first book. I assume that might have given me more background information on the characters.

As for reading more e-books on my iTouch? I wouldn't mind reading more. I did love the fact that I can easily have a book with me all the time (my iTouch goes everywhere with me) but I did miss having a paper book ... I actually missed not having page numbers to see how much I read (I know there is a bar at the bottom to tell me how far in the overall book I've read but it just wasn't the same).

My Rating: 2/5

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