Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Hunter's Moon

Authors: C.T Adams & Cathy Clamp
Genre: Supernatural/Romance (?)
Pages: 336

Synopsis: Tony Giodone is a former mafia hitman who is now a hired assassin ..... he's also a werewolf. Sue Quentin, winner of a huge state lottery, comes to him asking him to kill her. She sees death as the only option to get away from her obnoxious and controlling family.

Unfortunately, at the same time as meeting Sue, Tony miscalculates his full moon cycle and goes through the change in her presence. After his transformation, and a couple of raucous bouts of lovemaking, he knows that Sue is his life mate and he will do anything for her. But will that include killing her?

My Thoughts: Weeeellll, I didn't like this book. I read over 100 pages of this supernatural romance and just couldn't get into it. It's a far cry from a Kelley Armstrong supernatural or even a Twilight. The story didn't pick up momentum at all. If a book can't grip me within the first 100 pages I give up. Too many other books on my nightstand waiting for my attention.

Why did I give up on this book? Maybe it was due to the fact that it's from the point of view of the man in the relationship? I'm used to hearing from the woman's viewpoint, I guess.

Maybe it's because having a lottery winner that sees the only way to get away from her crazy family is to kill herself?!? Huh? Personally, I'd disown them and take my millions, buy an island of my very own and send them postcards. But that's just me. It just didn't seem believable. Ya, I know. It's supernatural but there still has to be some 'truth' in it to make it believable (or at least for me it does).

Perhaps it's because one or two nights of hitting the sheets and Tony, this tough ex-mafia hitman/werewolf, is ready to do anything for Sue. Perhaps I'm just cranky ... who knows. I just didn't like this book so back to the library it goes.

My Rating: 0/5 (aka didn't finish it)

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