Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Time Of My Life

Author: Allison Winn Scotch
Genre: Chick Lit / Modern Fiction
Pages: 286
Published: October 2008
First Line: "Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding."
One Word Review: Good

Synopsis: Jillian Westerfield seems be the perfect Martha Stewart-type mom who can do it all and has it all -- a loving husband, a wonderful baby daughter, a large immaculate house in the suburbs of NYC... But in her eyes, her perfect life is not nearly so perfect. Jillian has become disenchanted with her life as a stay-at-home mom as well as with her husband. Hearing that her old boyfriend, Jackson, is getting married is the last straw.
After getting a deep chi-cleaning massage, Jillian wakes up and finds that she's awoke 7 years in the past. She's back to her old life with boyfriend Jackson, her best friend (who had died a few years previously) and her up-and-coming career in advertising ...
Now Jillian has a choice to make. Does she follow the same path she took 7 years ago or does she opt for a different life with Jackson? Hindsight is 20/20 but with the choices she now makes she can change her future. As she starts to get everything she thought she ever wanted she figures out that maybe not every problem she had she could really blame on her mother who abandoned her as well as the two main men in her life. That maybe she also had a big part in creating and continuing the problems in her own life.
My Thoughts: I thought this book had an interesting premise. Would you, given the choice, choose the life you have or choose another life path? Overall, I think this book dealt well with this idea ... but I would have liked there to be less lagging in the middle of the story.
I did enjoy seeing how Jillian's eyes were opened to her part in the downfall of her marriage. How she viewed things the first time around compared to when she gets to do it again are quite different. She sees how she had a hand in some of her misfortune and she learns that life doesn't have to be perfect and that things happen for a reason ... even if we don't understand that reason at the time.
While this wasn't a page turner it did have some interesting points to make. Jillian is a likeable main character (a little whiny) but I found that the choices she made were fairly expected. It was obvious early on who Jillian's true love really was. I would have liked more suspense about that topic.
I also found it odd (and a little disturbing) that Jillian barely shed a tear over leaving her 1 year old daughter, Katie, behind for months. Katie is hardly mentioned by Jillian. As a mom of 3, personally that would have been heart-wrenching for me. It just didn't seem believable enough for me.

My Rating: 3 stars


Erin said...

Love this new feature you have... where you suggest other books similar to the one you just read. I just wrote down three more books on my "To Read" list.

Laurie said...

Hey Erin,
I'd seen that feature on other blogs so I looked into it. Just an FYI ... the suggestions offered are totally random. They're all on my blog, but the programme I use just randomly picks three of my blog entries and puts them at the end of each posting. So you may get some recipe suggestions or some book suggestions. :) I'm glad you like it. Thanks for letting me know it was a good idea. :)

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