Monday, 3 May 2010

Yummy Noises

As someone who loves to bake and cook I can't tell you how much it means to me when people express pleasure after eating something that I made. Some people use words to describe how much they like what they just ate. Others use what I call "Yummy Noises" (yes, it's capitalized because it's THAT important to me!). These noises are not to be confused by the obnoxious noises some people make while eating with their mouths open (which is just gross and should be stopped). Ew.

"Yummy Noises" are sounds that people make because the bite of food that they just put in their mouth is just sooooo good and they have to express themselves right away. A yummy noise can be a little moan or even just a thumbs up (I know that's not a noise but I'll accept it anyway).

Another word that some people use is "Foodgasm". A foodgasm can be defined as:
  • the euphoric sensation a person has upon eating an incredibly tasty morsel of food. When said morsel of food hits ones palatte there are no words that a person can use to describe such a sensation. (paraphrased from

Symptoms of a foodgasm can include:

  • making verbal sounds including moans and sighs
  • becoming weak in the knees
  • eyes rolling back while possibly shouting "This is so freakin' good!!"
  • tastes so overwhelming that you have to take breaks between bites in order to let the other people you're dining with know just how GOOD that bite was to you
I remember when my husband and I went out for a really nice dinner. We each had ordered Lobster Bisque as appetizers. Each bowl was topped with the most perfect sea scallop you've ever seen. We put the sea scallops in our mouths and, at the same time, little moans escaped our lips. Totally not a classy thing to do but we couldn't help it! Honest ... it was THAT good. Oh ya, baby. That's a Foodgasm. So tasty that you can't hold the experience in.

That being said, after an afternoon of constant running around all I ate for dinner tonight was .... cereal. No foodgasms from me tonight. :(

So what foods have you making yummy noises??

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