Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Are Your Kids Reading This Summer?

My three kids are total book addicts like their mom. I've mentioned before that one of my goals as a Mom was to get all three of my kids to be avid readers. I can easily check that task off my lifetime to-do list and give myself a BIG gold star. All three look forward to reading before bed each night and are addicted to the library -- we go twice per week in the summer and usually have over 50 books out. Needless to say I'm building up some major arm muscles carting the books back and forth and have a system to keep all of the books from being lost or sent to the wrong library system (since we belong to two different systems).

But I do not complain! I love that they're addicted to something that I love to do as well. I do get a wee bit cranky when we're running late for school and I find Karate Guy lounging on his bed reading a Hardy Boys book and saying "I'm almost finished this page, Mom! Just one more minute!". Brad just smiles and says "You wanted them to love reading!". Yes, I did ... just not at 8:50 in the morning. ;)

For the past several years my kids have signed up for the summer reading programme at one of our local libraries. If your local library has a similar programme I highly recommend signing up. In Ontario TD Canada Trust sponsors the programme but I'm not sure if it's all over Canada or not. Anyone know?

Our library sets our three huge baskets of summer goodies each with it's own theme to entice the youngsters. There's the girly basket, the outdoors basket and the boyish basket - all filled to the brim with fun, flashy stuff. For every 10 books a child reads him or herself they get a ballot to try to win one of the baskets. Plus for the first 10 books they get erasers, pencils etc to get them going.

I personally think that the library should have an adult version too! I'd totally rake in the loot!! Have baskets filled with coffee gift certificates, a mug, bookmarks, chocolate, some 'forget about your late fees' tickets ... oh ya, baby. I've mentioned it to the librarian but she doesn't think it'll happen. Ageism at play? Huh.

So, how have my kids fared with their reading this summer? Well, about 4 weeks into this project and they've all read at least 50 books. Yup. F-I-F-T-Y! Even Missy Moo! This is the first year she's been able to read well enough to read all the books herself. You cannot begin to imagine how improved her reading has become just from daily reading.

Gotta love it when you have kids that read!!. Hubby is on the other end of the "Love Reading" spectrum and sadly, after 18 years together I've given him up as a lost cause. He has his other hobbies ... reading is just not one of them. And that's ok. He's the yin to my reading yang.

FYI: My kids have slowly begun to jump back into their own reading blog after a long hiatus. Karate Guy has included one of the books we got him for his birthday this week. It's an encyclopedia of horrible, gross facts. Check out his review at

Are your kids avid readers? What books are they into?


Bonnie said...

I can totally relate to the non-reading hubby and have come to accept it (although still don't "get it" lol). I have always been an avid reader and although my life right now doesn't afford me enough spare timet o spend on as much reading as I'd like, the desire is always there! My daughter is a HUGE bookworm, has always been, it's hard to keep her in books, she's such a voracious reader. She was able to read at a very young age, and when she started Kindergarten (she is 19 now) she was incredibly disappointed that their class wasn't allowed to use the school library, only the little class library. (Don't ask - I have no idea...???) Of course that had only little "baby" books as far as she was concerned - she was already into chapter books by that point! Unfortunately my son (now age 20) takes more after his father, although he does at least have some interest in books, but is a procrastinator and that's enough to keep him from getting very far in his reading!
Enjoy your blog - two of my fav things - baking & books! Keep up the good work!

Laurie said...

I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I love to hear from people who enjoy it. Makes all the hard work worth it. :) One of my goals for the next year of blogging (I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary) is to increase my followers from 36 to 100. We'll see if I can make it happen. Word of mouth is the best way :)

I had similar problems that your daughter had with Karate Guy. He read well above his level from SK onwards so it was hard to find books that were age appropriate but were still interesting for him.
As for my hubby, he has read two fiction books in our 13 year marriage so I guess I can't call him a non-reader lol ... but he's close. My dad's the same way - so not a reader. To each their own but I would have loved to have been able to share my favourite hobby with my hubby. :)

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