Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Weekly Reading Poll

Oh man, I've been really lax when it comes to the weekly reading poll. With various Canada Day celebrations it must have slipped my mind.

You all know what I've been reading (a whole lot of Percy Jackson!) but now I'm on to a new historical fiction/mystery series which features the main character Lady Julia Grey. I think I heard about this series via a poster at the Todays Parent reading forum. I'm only 40 pages into it but so far I like how the author writes and it seems like a more intelligent read than many historical fiction mysteries I've read in the past. "Silent in the Grave" is the first book in the series.

What's up next? Hmmm. I have a Sidney Sheldon book awaiting my attention and since I've never read any of his books I'm a little intrigued to see what all the fuss is about. It's a book written after his death back in 2007 -- yes, dead men can write just like dead female authors like V.C Andrews ;) After that, I'll have to see what I feel like reading.

So, what are you all reading? Did you love it? What's up next?


Erin said...

I have picked up many of your book selections for this month. I am going to start with "Evermore", then try "Marked" and then "Need". I am excited to get into them! Thanks for the suggestions!

Laurie said...

Great Erin! I actually just picked up "Captivate" by Carrie Jones (the sequel to "Need"). I hope you enjoy them. :)

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