Monday, 23 August 2010

Body Movers - 2 Bodies for the Price of 1

Author: Stephanie Bond
Genre: Suspense/Mystery
Pages: 307
Type: Paperback
Published: 2007
Series: 2nd book in the Body Movers series
Series Order:
  1. "Body Movers" (2006)
  2. "Body Movers - 2 Bodies for the Price of 1" (2007)
First Line: "Hi, there."

Synopsis: Carlotta Wren would never have thought that her life was worth stealing. But when a woman is found dead and it's learned that she has stolen Carlotta's identity, Carlotta is worried that she was actually the target. Her life is still extremely hectic on top of all this. Her fugitive father has finally called her, her younger brother is still being hounded by loan sharks and she has three men interested in her and isn't sure who she should be with ... if anyone.

My Thoughts: This book felt a lot like the first book in the series -- too much, in fact. Carlotta had all of the same major problems that she had in the first book (poor, deviant younger brother with bad friends, too many men interested in her etc) and nothing seemed to get better for her or resolved. The issue with her fugitive parents was briefly addressed again but I would have wanted that storyline to progress a lot more and maybe explain what the parents have been up to etc.

As for the four men in Carlotta's life? They're all sadly pretty stereotypical. Her brother is the young, 'needs a swift kick in the pants for making stupid mistakes over and over again' guy. Then there are the men who are romantically interested in Carlotta. She has the rich/bland/safe guy to whom she was previously engaged, the cool/smart/quiet Body Mover guy and the tall/dark and hot cop. That's about all that's known about the three guys. It would be cool to get a view into what they're thinking more ... especially Cooper the 'cool/smart/quiet guy'.

I think that the author is trying to go after Janet Evanovich's audience ... but isn't quite there. There isn't a lot of humour in the Body Mover series (or mystery for that matter) compared to the Plum series by Evanovich (which, by the way, has made me giggle out loud many times). Bond has all the right ingredients (quirky secondary characters, many romance options ...) and I think this could be a good series but doesn't quite hit the mark. Unfortunately the author was unable to build up enough suspense for me to want to continue this series.

My Rating: 2/5 stars


Anonymous said...

I find it hard to sympathise with any character who has too many men interested in her. Some of us would be happy with just one!

I'll be giving this series a miss.

Laurie said...

Ya, sadly it just didn't muster enough oomph for me. I'm going to be starting a new mystery series by Heather Webber. The first book is called "A Hoe Lot of Trouble". *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

Based on the title, it sounds promising. I'm a big fan of word play.

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