Thursday, 23 September 2010

Killer Mousse

Author: Melinda Wells
Pages: 293
Genre: Light Mystery
First Published: February 2008
Series: 1st book in the "Della Cooks" series
Series Order:
  1. "Killer Mousse" (2008)
  2. "Death Takes the Cake" "(2009)
  3. "The Proof is in the Pudding" (2010)
First Line: "Through my earpiece, I heard the director's voice: "Take your place, Della. thirty seconds to air ....""

Synopsis: Della Carmichael is the new host of her own cooking show. Her first live show is going according to plan until her predecessor, Mimi Bond, offers to taste test the chocolate mousse Della made on the show. When Mimi drops dead on air Della needs to figure out who poisoned her mousse so that she can clear her name and keep her new job.

My Thoughts: Going into this book I knew it was going to be one of those light mysteries. Nothing too taxing -- a nice, easy read. It was an easy read with several potential culprits but overall I didn't love it.

The romance between Nicholas and Della seems odd and unbelievable. For being a widow of 2 years and never dating to all of a sudden hopping into bed with a guy she really doesn't like just doesn't seem realistic or believable. It seemed forced and too sudden for me.

But the main issue I had with the book was that the author went into too much trivial detail that didn't have an effect on the overall mystery. For example, when Della gets a new kitten the author brings the reader into the supermarket to buy kitty litter, food etc. Why? It has no relevance to the storyline and only serves as page filler. This happens in several instances including Della delivering a baby on a freeway as well as having the reader read about Della picking up her dog's poop on one of her many walks. Really? Do I need to know that? I'd prefer more whodunit and suspense than the monotony of daily life.

My Rating: 1/5 stars

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