Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Thin Rich Pretty

Author: Beth Harbison
Genre: Chick Lit
Pages: 342
First Published: 2010
First Line: ""I don't want to do this," Holly Kazanov said half to herself as she stood on the lakeside next to the rickety wooden rowboat that Counselor Brittany was holding for her."

Synopsis: Thin Rich Pretty is the story of three women - Holly, Nicola and Lexi. Twenty years previously they had attended the same summer camp as 13 year old girls. Holly and Nicola became close friends but were considered outsiders at the camp. Lexi was a spoiled rich girl who hung out with the popular girls who enjoyed tormenting those around them. The story volleys back and forth from when the women were 13 years old and to present day and shows how they each deal with their own personal issues.

My Thoughts: This book is about learning to accept oneself and not trying to please others before making sure you're happy with yourself. These characters quickly learn that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

It had a good message but overall it was a highly predictable book. You see the three women deal with their own personal issues (weight, looks and wealth) as adults and see how some of the things backfire.

Holly learns the hard way about how our own view of ourselves can hinder us. She sees herself as heavier than she actually is and uses that image to prevent her from taking necessary risks to ensure her own happiness. Nicola learns that being pretty just like everyone else isn't all it's cracked up to be and Lexi learns, the hard way, how to take pride in her accomplishments

In the end, predictably, the women make amends, fix their problems and learn to empower themselves and love themselves for who they are not who they think they should be.

My Rating: 3/5 stars

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