Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Allegra Fairweather: Paranormal Investigator

Author: Janni Nell
Genre: Supernatural/Mystery
Type: e-book (Kindle for iPhone app used)
First Published: June 2010
First Line: "My name is Allegra Fairweather and I'm a paranormal investigator."

Synopsis: Allegra Fairweather solves paranormal mysteries all over the world. She's not a typical 'ghostbuster' though. Standing over six feet tall with spiky red hair, a kick butt attitude and a big toe that senses paranormal activity ... she's in a league all her own! She also is helped by her sexy guardian angel she has nicknamed, Casper. Despite his nickname, this Casper is not a cute ghost but a tall handsome warrior who, as a soldier in the second century A.D did a lot of horrible things. "The Powers that Be" have sent him to be Allegra's guardian angel to make up for his past crimes. His job is to protect her when she's in mortal danger (which is a lot of the time).

In this first book by author Janni Nell, Allegra has been summoned to a small Scottish town of Loch Furness, to look at an ominous flower that the residents fear is evil. Shortly after Allegra arrives the town hears the banshee wail and two men are found dead. After their bodies are 'misplaced' Allegra is determined to figure out why they died ... and where they went. Along the way she meets a ticked off 300 year old ghost and even manages to alienate herself with the townsfolk. All in a day's work for Allegra!

My Thoughts: I have to be honest, I kind of happened upon this book. I was surfing for new e-books to buy for my iPhone and saw this book. It had a supernatural element (yay), it had good reviews (more yay) and it was really cheap (super yay!) ... so I bought it. Thankfully I did because really enjoy this book. It's a lighter-type mystery with an interesting paranormal slant but I think it was the relationship between Allegra and Casper that will get me reading the second book in the series. It's the type of relationship that has a more romantic feel because if they ever 'scratch the itch' it'll be the end of their relationship forever.

I do admit that it was a little slow to take off but I think that's because it's the first book in the series and the author had to do a lot of set up before she could jump into the mystery. It's got a nice quirky factor with Allegra's paranormal seeking toe and I love the banter she has with Casper.

There are not a lot of secondary characters that I can see becoming regulars in the series since Allegra globe-trots around the world. I'm interested to see how things will pan out for Allegra and who else she'll meet along the way.

My one little gripe is that when Casper was first introduced it did make me wonder if I was reading the second book in the series. It felt like the author assumed a little too much and had the reader trying to play catch-up in regards to who Casper is and his relationship with Allegra.

If you're looking for a nice, easy read give this one a try.

My Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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