Thursday, 7 October 2010

Potato recipe clean up!!

Anyone who knows me well knows that my ultimate, hands-down favourite food in the universe is the potato. Mmmmm, the Tater, the Apple of the Earth, The Mightly Spud!!! Mashed, baked, fried, scalloped, perogied (?) ... so many ways to prepare them and so many things you can add to them!! Their versatility is endless!

I get this love of the spud honestly. My mother is a total addict as well. In fact, on one of her birthdays many years ago my father made her 7 kinds of potatoes. Ahhhh, now that's what I call romance!! I've learned to make potato dishes from the best! I figure my dear mother is the Queen of Tater and I'm a mere Duchess of Spud!! Does that make Brad Mr Potato Head? I never was good with geneology. ;)

Wayyyy back last fall I decided to post my favourite potato recipes because I'm a total spud addict. Unfortunately that made it hard for people to search for specific potato recipes so I've done some housekeeping (or is that blogkeeping) and posted each recipe individually. I figure many of these recipes could come in handy for this weekend's Thanksgiving Day feasts!

You can search down on the right side bar for Potato which will list the recipes. Here are some easy links as well. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Mashed Taters With All The Fixin's
Scalloped Potatoes
Mashed Potato Casserole
Lazy Perogie Casserole
Cottage Potatoes

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