Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Weekly Reading Poll

I've been busy over the past week reading and have posted all of the books I've finished. It's been a hit and miss week but overall some good reads. I was impressed with myself that I have stayed away from the libraries that I frequent (I put myself on a Library Time-Out) so that I could read the books that I own instead of always putting them on the back burner.

This coming week I may try reading "A Prayer for Owen Meanie". I've read "Cider House Rules" by the same author and liked it but didn't love it. I've heard nothing but praise for little Owen so I'm hoping it will be a good read. I also would like to re-read "Bitten" by Kelley Armstrong since it's been awhile since I read her first book in her "Women of the Underworld" series.

So what are you all reading? Found any new authors that are amazing?


Ruth said...

I found your blog yesterday and am enjoying checking out your reading selections. Thanks for the comprehensive reviews which are an inspiration to find the recommended books for my own reading pleasure. I'd like to suggest a few that I've found excellent. Some years ago my husband and I traveled to South Africa. In preparation for that trip I decided to read some South African authors. Lewis DeSoto wrote "A Blade of Grass". It's the story of 2 women, one white and one black, struggling to maintain their friendship in a war-torn land they both call home. This novel offers a profound perspective on what it means to be black and white in a country that exacts an often tragic price for freedom.
A second recommendation would be the novel, "Daniel isn't talking" by Marti Leimbach - a story about mother-love - Melanie's 3 year-old son is diagnosed with autism. She devotes herself to his care, determined to teach him to become as "normal" as possible, despite resistance from her increasingly distant husband. Marti Leimbach's story about a family in crisis is heartbreakingly human, and full of hope and redemption.
A third recommendation would be a captivating novel by Frances Itani called, "Deafening". Set on the eve of the First World War it tell the story of Grania, a young deaf woman living in small-town Ontario, Canada, who falls in love with Jim, a hearing man. Jim leaves to go to war, a place filled with unforgiving noise. Despite the dark subject matter, this is a book filled with light.
Please pardon me for these short reviews - in each case I've taken the liberty to copy a few sentences from the book jackets because I'm a reader, not a writer. But I really did enjoy these books and would recommend them highly.

Laurie@The Baking Bookworm said...

Hi Ruth,
I'm glad you found and are enjoying my blog. I want to be able to give people a fairly in depth book review while not giving away major plots along the way. I hate reading through a review that is made mostly of regurgitated plot lines with just a little 'it's a good book' kind of review.
I haven't heard of "Blade of Grass" or "Daniel isn't talking" before but they sound great. I did try to read "Deafening" last year but found it hard to get through. I have a background in sign language interpreting so I figured I'd love the book (plus it's based in good old Ontario). I may try to pick it up at a later date b/c it may have been the fact of 'right book, wrong time'.
I'm looking forward to chatting with you here on the blog about various books. :)

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