Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Reading Poll - What are YOU reading??

This past week has been a slower reading week for me. With Hallowe'en and great weather I was pretty busy. I was outside quite a bit and finally winterized my gardens. Note to self: Black Eyed Susan vine looks great growing up a lattice on the side of my house ... but pulling it down and unwinding all the tendrills is far from fun.

Brad was in his glory getting his 'Man Hut' (big tool shed) and the garage ready for the winter (ie. tidying it up, storing stuff and vacuuming it out -- yes, he vacuums his garage. What can I say we're both Type A/anal). I don't pretend to understand men's love for their garages and tool sheds. I just nod and smile.

So, what have I been reading in my downtime? As I posted earlier I read a wonderful book called "In My Hands" by Irene Gut Opdyke. If you're into books based during WWII this is hands-down one of the best books I've read in a long time. Emotional and inspiring.

For the past few days I've been re-reading "Bitten" by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong. Armstrong is in the top 3 of my 'wanna meet that author' list. Love this author! I originally read this first book in her 'Women of the Underworld' series back in November 2006. There are 13 books in the series and it's wonderfully written with romance, action, supernatural, mystery, suspense and has a great and varied cast. The series starts off with the first two books being about Elena and Clay and their werewolf pack. But during the second book you meet some new characters (ie a young witch) which the next book is about and so on. Good storylines, strong characters (from werewolves to witches, necromancers and spirits) ... and I love that it's partly based in good old Toronto. This was my first foray into supernatural books and I highly recommend this series. I'll do a new book review for this book in the next few days. "Bitten" was one of my first posts last year but looking back it's a sad, sad review so I'll update it.

Up next? Well it's my turn to pick the book for my book club and I've finally narrowed my choice down. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get them to read "Bitten" to introduce the supernatural genre or pick a totally new book. I'll be telling my book club about my pick when we meet at my place this Sunday.


Betty said...

I'm putting In My Hands on my TBR list. It sounds like a book that would be interesting for my book club. I checked out your quote page...wonderful! I'm posting one on my Twitter page today. Thanks!

What am I reading? Well, I'm just finishing a great memoir by Tom McLaughlin called "Borneo Tom". It follows the adventures of a retired biology teacher as he lands in Borneo, travels to remote places in Tropical Asia and falls in love. A really wonderful real life adventure!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Just thought I'd pop by and see how those cranberry orange scones turned out. I see you always have the coffee ready over here as well...to go with the baking and the books! I like that.


Laurie@The Baking Bookworm said...

Betty - I'm sure you'll enjoy "In My Hands". Such a wonderful read. As for my quote page I'm glad you like it. Unfortunately, I'm sorely behind in finding new quotes. Originally I thought I'd just have reading/book or cooking quotes but I think I'll just add whatever quote touches me. :)

Judy -- I loved the Cranberry Orange Scones and will post the recipe here with a link to your site. Thanks for sharing the recipe. My kids asked for them for one of their breaks at school and they went delicously with a cuppa tea yesterday afternoon :)

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