Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2011 Intentions

As soon as New Year's Eve approaches people start asking each other what their New Year's resolutions are going to be. Some people quit smoking, some people aim to lose weight while others vow to read more. To each their own.

Personally, I've never been big on making annual New Year's resolutions. I don't have any major vices (coffee doesn't count, nor does eating those mini Hallowe'en chocolate bars unabashedly) and, quite honestly, I just don't seem to have the long-term will power to meet a bunch of sky-high goals. I can talk myself in and out of almost anything. It's a gift.

I could list off a bunch of huge promises anywhere from losing weight to saving money to promoting world peace. But honestly? I just don't want to. I know I won't stick to it for more than a few weeks. Instead I'm going to call my list "Intentions". The word seems less daunting to me. Semantics? Perhaps.

  1. Walk (or jog, providing my jiggly bits don't bug me) 300km in 2011. Using my Nike+GPS app on my phone it's easy to keep track. In fact I've already walked 5km this year. Yay me! Note: when I say 'walk' I don't mean a leisurely stroll. I usually walk 1km in 9-10 minutes. Just thought I'd put that out there.
  2. Read 8 classic novels. I'm thinking "Emma", "A Tale of Two Cities" ....
  3. Find a recipe that will make me love parsnips (a root vegetable that was the bane of my existence as a child. I l-o-a-t-h-e-d this veg and could pick it out of the most complicated stew my mother would put before me. Maybe that's where my kids get their superhuman ability to pick out the slightest scraps of zucchini?!? Something to ponder.)
  4. Finish my 2007 Italy trip scrapbook. I started that scrapbook with gusto after we got back ... then my enthusiasm fizzled out.
  5. Eat out less. I LOVE to eat out but will try to save my dinners out for truly amazing meals not a quarter chicken dinner at Swiss Chalet.
  6. Increase the number of vegetarian meals in my repertoire.
So there's a small list of things I'm going to give the good old college try. I think the list is totally doable and won't stress me out.

What are your intentions for 2011?


jenn said...

The parsnips...have you roasted them with olive oil, sea salt and pepper, maybe with other root veggies. They caramelize ...yummmm

Great list Laurie!

Laurie@The Baking Bookworm said...

Jenn - I'll give roasting parsnips a try. Friday night I roasted the most delicious root vegetables with some balsamic. Mmmm. It was so good .... I made it for myself for dinner tonight! Delish. I'll post the recipe once I've posted all of the recipes I made at New Year's. :)

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