Monday, 7 February 2011

Back in the groove

I know that I've been a little lax in the blog department for the past few weeks and I do apologize. Usually I post once every couple of days but lately it's been more like twice a week.

I could tell you that the reason for my absence was that Brad whisked me off on a romantic vacation to Paris, or that I won the lottery and was eagerly spending my millions or even that I was on death's door with a horrible disease ... but those reasons would either be outright lying or at best taking artistic license to a whole new level.

Truth be told, I did succumb to a bout of the flu and if you're a mom with young kids, you know that having the flu is so not cool when you have little humans depending on you. Even with a doting husband like mine and a good friend to drop off and pick up my darlings from school it's tough being a sick mom. You want to see your family because you miss them ... but you don't want them to catch what you have because then you'll be on nursemaid duty while sick (also referred to as the 10th circle of hell). Your only way through the illness is to stay in your jammies, hide out in your bedroom armed only with your beloved PVR (Big Bang Theory can always put a smile on this face), DVD player (so you can watch "Eclipse" and embrace your inner Cougar -- you know you do it too!), a box of Kleenex, a glass of flat gingerale and a bowl of dry Cheerios. Glamourous it is NOT!

The mighty flu is more than an illness that makes you feel exhausted and nauseous. It steals a mom's energy, inner mojo, the desire to drink her morning java (*gasp!*) and even her desire to want to look good or have good hair (oh, the humanity!!!). Sometimes if the flu is harsh enough it can take awhile for a mom to get her mojo and energy back. Sad but true. Unfortunately, the flu I got knocked me out for 3 full days and then it took me a good 5 days to get all my energy back. Tough stuff, that flu!

On the flip side I did lose 7lbs. As soon as I was able I got my fine self onto my Wii Fit board and documented this glorious occasion. Nothing like some computerized person giving you praise over your weight loss! I don't generally recommend the flu as a weight-loss tool but after 3 days of eating only Cheerios and flat gingerale I'll take anything positive out of that experience!!

So keep checking back here on my blog. I've got a few new recipes to throw at my family and I have oodles of books (both electronic and tree killer) just waiting for me to dig into! I'm baaaack!

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