Friday, 4 March 2011

Gettin' my tech on!

Hello everyone,
For months I've been on the look out for a way to enable everyone to print off my posts, specifically my recipe posts, and I have FINALLY done it! Let me just state that I have never claimed to be in any way shape or form computer saavy. Finding a simple way to let all y'all print out my posts was a daunting task for little old me.

I had searched numerous sites but their instructions were too complicated and the HTML code scared the begeebers out of me. Even my 'in house geek' (lovingly known as Brad) doesn't know much about blogs so he was no help.

I'm patting myself on the back because the print option is up and working!! Woot woot!! The button is within the green rectangle at the bottom of each post (where the comments link is located). You have the option of printing with or without the picture(s) and also have the ability to email recipes to your friends and family if you think they'd like to check out my stuff. Please let me know what you think of this option.

Other news ... I've set up a Facebook page for the blog as well. I'd love to use it as a way to get my blog out there so if you know of others who are interested in hearing my blathering or are in need of some new reads and recipes please forward the info on to them! I'm hoping that with more people checking in on the blog we can spark more discussion about books and all things yummy!!


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