Wednesday, 4 May 2011

One of those days ....

You ever have 'one of those days'? Up until a certain point things are going well then all of a sudden something happens to change it all. That was my day today. It started off well -- the sun was out, the kids went off to school without any rushing around/craziness, I had a wonderful tea, chat and thrifting expedition with one of my favourite gals .... then something happened to put a wrench in my good day. I hate that!!

As I was making myself a chicken quesadilla for lunch (complete with homemade guacamole) I had a mishap of sorts. I was chopping up some green onion when the knife slipped and it sliced into my fine self. My lovely index finger to be exact. I wasn't looking to increase my protein in my quesadilla with a piece of digit but perhaps fate had a different idea.

It was one of those moments when you see what you did but can't quite wrap your brain around it. A split second later it hit me and I put my finger under cold water then wrapped it in a cloth and held it above my head (not sure if that's proper procedure but that's what I did). In the meantime my brain caught up and started thinking about what I did and what I saw (the side of my fingernail sliced and bleeding) and I went full-out into my fraidy-cat, yellow-bellied wimp mode. It wasn't pretty and included a lot of 'oh crap' and 'no, no, no, NO!'.

You may think that getting squeemish over a bit of blood and a sliced nail makes me a total wuss .... and you'd be right! I may come from 3 generations of registered nurses (my great grandmother, my nana and my mom) but the medical 'don't mind seeing blood and needles' legacy ended with yours truly. I'm a total wuss and get lightheaded just thinking of blood and needles so when I took a gander at my bleeding finger with the sliced nail I got light-headed and felt the blood drain from my head.

Picture it if you will. There I was with my finger in the air and my head towards my knees. Ahhh, my medical matriarchs would be so proud! I did manage to call Brad (out of an important business meeting -- eeks!) and he came home to A) make sure I hadn't passed out and conked my noggin' (I've fainted before with this stuff) and B)to bandage me up and see if I needed to go to the ER for stitches. No stitches needed just some bandages on my pride.

Ahhh well. I took the night off from cooking and got to gross out my kids with my finger so it wasn't a total waste of a day. It could have been much worse and I'm thankful that I wasn't hurt more but I'm pretty sure any hope of being a world famous hand model can never be a reality for yours truly. I won't be able to compete for Canada's Next Top Hand Model *sigh*.

For those who have a penchant for all things gross (and because I had time to kill this afternoon) I've included a picture because if I can gross out more than just my kids it would make my day better!

AKA "The Wussy Blogger"


Jacqui said...

You are lucky it is still attached! It heals faster this way. I have done this at least twice, and the chunk was sliced right off! Yikes!
Good luck with the healing!

Laurie@The Baking Bookworm said...

Thanks Jacqui! I don't often cut myself because I keep my knives sharp (which is supposed to make them more accurate) so it came as a bit of a shock. It does feel better now (typing probably isn't the best for it but a girl's gotta blog!). Live and learn!! :)

Jen said...

I am ALWAYS nicking myself in the kitchen, and I too am totally grossed out by blood. Hope your finger feels better soon!

Laurie@The Baking Bookworm said...

Thanks, Jen. Usually I'm pretty good about keeping my fingers and other body parts from getting nicked in the kitchen. Yesterday was a bit of a shock! I'm on the mend (apparently it hasn't effected my ability to blog!!). :)

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