Friday, 26 August 2011

Before I Go To Sleep

Author: S.J. Watson

Genre: Suspense

Type: Trade Paperback

Pages: 358

First Published: 2011

First Line: "The bedroom is strange."

Synopsis: Christine wakes up every morning not knowing where she is or why she's lying beside a man she doesn't know. She doesn't know what year it is, who her family is, or recognize the middle-aged face she sees in the mirror each morning. Every day her husband Ben must explain that due to an accident, which happened over 20 years ago, Christine lost the ability to keep memories for more than one day.

Every morning, after Ben goes off to work, she receives a call from a neurologist called Dr Nash who explains that he's been working with Christine without Ben's knowledge. Dr Nash tells Christine to go read the journal she hides in a shoebox in her closet. It's through reading and writing in this journal each and every day that Christine can 'remember' what has happened to her over the past several weeks. For weeks now she's been writing in the journal documenting what has been happening to her in her daily life hoping that somehow she can piece her life back together and begin to form memories again.

As she reads her journal Christine starts to see discrepancies in the explanations Ben gives her for her accident, why they never had children etc. The closer she gets to the truth, the closer she gets to learning that she's been in the dark the whole time and doesn't know who she can truly trust.

My Thoughts: I picked up this book based on the recommendation from a few people. I was told that this book was hard to put down and a nail biter. I sort of agree with the whole nail biter thing. It was definitely a nail biter (even though I guessed what was going on) ... but it didn't get intense until page 300.

Before page 300 it was a very slow go that plodded along repetitively reliving every day with Christine waking up not knowing who she is and struggling to piece things together. Since the story is told only from Christine's point of view the reader is kind of stuck with Christine's lack of memory and forced to rehash everything each and every morning.

Honestly, I really struggled to read this book in the beginning which is why it took me a week to read it (which is much longer than it normally takes me to read a 350 page book). This book felt like it was a sleeper kind of a book and then this huge gush of intensity complete with a huge 'ta-da' moment at the end. I would have preferred more twists and turns throughout the book to keep me guessing what was really happening.

That said, I did find that the storyline was fairly predictable but with small scope of Christine's world and the number of people she was in contact with being so few you can see why it was fairly easy to guess what was going on.

My take on this book? It was just an OK read. I personally don't believe that all of the hype surrounding this book was truly justified.

My Rating: 2.5/5 stars

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