Wednesday, 31 August 2011

'Whatcha Reading' Wednesday!

I cannot believe that this is the last week of summer vacation. In years past, it seems like the summer lasts forever but this year it whizzed by! Due to all of our activities, summer camps, trips to the beach etc it should come as no surprise that my reading has taken a back seat to our summer'o' family fun. Truth be told, I also haven't had too much energy to even try new recipes.

After a busy, yet relaxing, summer I think we're all ready for things to get back on schedule. I know I'm looking forward to quiet days to plan great meals and baked treats as well as having time to peruse the library at my leisure for new reads! I honestly think that my kids are looking forward to (but won't admit) going back to school.

This past week was definitely a slow reading week for me. I'm still reading "Madame Tussaud" by Michelle Moran. It's a historical fiction read set in France in the late 1700's during the French Revolution. The whole Marie Antoinette 'Let them eat cake!' era. Sadly (or is it embarassingly) I don't know much about that time so I'm enjoying learning something new. I like how Moran takes a figure from an era and writes a story from her point of view.

Up next? I have a few books from the library that I'll be reading before I pick up my Kindle (unless Terri Reid finishes her next Mary O'Reilly e-book in which case I'll read that book next. Hint, hint to Terri!!). Like most people all of a sudden I get all of my library holds in at the same time which leaves me either scrambling to read them all within the 2-3 week load period OR deciding how much I'm willing to pay in fines if I'm a bit late. I have a few choices for my next read ...

"The Kitchen Daughter" by Jael McHenry
"By Fire, By Water" by Mitchell James Kaplan
"The Tea Rose" by Jennifer Donnelly

Has anyone read any of these books? What do you think I should read next?

What have you been reading this past week? What is on your 'to be read' pile to read next??


Dzoli said...

Ok, I better get starting reading my staple that is growing and growing.Soon two week break and will do my best:)Love reading,thanks for the tips;)

Christina @ This Woman Cooks! said...

I'm with you on how fast summer has flown by. I feel like my past summers have been so much longer! I'm reading an oldie, a series by the author of The Vampire Diaries in preparation for the new Tv show that's premiering on the CW this month. It's called The Secret Circle. I'm so excited!

Laurie@The Baking Bookworm said...

Dzoli -- I hope you get lots of reading done on your break. :)

Christina -- I didn't realize there was a new CW series in the works. Is it supernatural like Vampire Diaries (one of my vices)??

Here's hoping that fall, my favourite season, doesn't go by quite so fast!!

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