Wednesday, 5 October 2011

'Whatcha Reading?' Wednesday!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Fall day!! Here in Ontario we are experiencing gloriously warm, sunny weather. I'm talking 20C (68F) and totally sunny! This is going to be one amazing Thanksgiving weekend for me and my fellow Canucks!!

I do hope that on this long weekend you get loads of down time (after stuffing yourselves with turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, of course) to read, read, READ!! Here's what I've been reading lately ...

I finished "Library of the Dead" by Glenn Cooper and will be reviewing it as soon as possible. I cannot remember who recommended the book to me (it may have been someone on Twitter) but I really enjoyed it. As I mentioned before it felt like a DaVinci Code meets Alex Cross (of James Patterson fame) that spanned thousands of years.

I just picked up "Sister" by Rosamund Lupton. From the book jacket it sounds like a great read. So far, I'm just a mere 30 pages into it so I don't have a solid idea of whether or not I like it so far.

Next? Probably one of the books my Fairy Bookmother gave me (specifically "One Day" by David Nicholls) or a Kindle read called "The Swan House" by Elizabeth Musser.

What have you been reading this past week? What do you have in your ever growing 'to be read' pile???


April from Comox said...

Oh sure...brag about your weather! Not all of us Canucks are having fabulous temps LOL! We going to be lucky if the sun peeks out at all and we hit 15C this weekend here on the west coast. It has been a wet and windy fall here so far.

I am reading A Dance With Dragons - the fifth Game of Thrones book right now. I'm finding it a little bit of a tough read because of the way the flow is between book four and five. I guess the author originally wrote them as one book but the publisher thought it was too long. And instead of breaking the book in half he followed the same timeline for both, but two different groups of characters. So it's a bit odd. But I'm still loving the story line.

I'm hoping to read the next couple of Terri Reid books soon, but they aren't available on my library website and I need to avoid spending more money on books right now. So I'll probably read something on my library wish list.

Laurie@The Baking Bookworm said...

How about I brag about our beautiful warm, sunny weather now and you can brag about your warm weather in March when we Ontarians are knee deep in snow still. ;)

Sounds like you've been busy with the Thrones series!! Yes, definitely pick up the next few Terri Reid books when you have a chance. I'd love to find more authors like Reid!

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