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Author: Cidney Swanson
Genre: YA/Supernatural
Type: Kindle ebook
Series: 3rd book in the Ripple series
Series Order: Ripple, Chameleon, Unfurl
First Published: January 2012
First Line: "It was her shoulders I missed most."

Synopsis:  Samantha Ruiz has now escaped the evil grasp of Helmann twice.  In order to keep herself safe Samantha is sent back home to the US in the hopes that she'll be off Helmann's radar.  Accompanying Samantha is Chretien, Sir Walter's nephew, who has been given to task of being Samantha's bodyguard while she's home.  Unfortunately this change in scenery means that she and Will will have to be separated and live on different continents. 

Meanwhile, back in France Sir Walter, Mickie and Will try to piece together why Genesis Corp (run by Helmann) is slowly buying up various neighbourhoods in ethnic communities. As they begin to uncover Helmann's plot they are determined to stop Helmann and his 'Angel Corp' from destroying millions of lives.  Unfortunately, in order for Helmann to accomplish his mission he needs something from Samantha and will do anything in order to get it from her.  This puts Samantha and those around her in extreme danger as they race to stop this madman.

My Thoughts: This being the last book in the Rippler trilogy I was hoping for something big.  You know with loads of suspense, action, sweet romance etc. For some reason, this book just didn't grip me. It was a little slow to start yet the ending felt a rushed and unfinished. Overall, this book just didn't hold my attention like the other two books in the series.

I think what would have made it a better read for me is if the Nazi plot was dealt with more. That is what riveted me to the first book and I think that some of that sinister feel was lost in the second book and pretty much devoid in the third book. In the first two books, Ripple and Chameleon, we have this truly evil guy and his horrible offspring who give off a uber creepy vibe. This time around they didn't feel as much as a threat to Sam.  They lost their sinister side and didn't seem like an immediate threat, I suppose.

That's not to say that I didn't like this book.  My favourite part of the book was a really intense scene where something (I don't want to give it away) is taken from Sam and I started to get all 'OK here we go, it's going to take off now' but that storyline fizzled out fairly quickly. It was such a great part of the book and I was hoping that it would spawn some new issue that Sam and Will had to deal with but sadly it really didn't take the storyline to the places I was hoping.

I like the fact that Samantha is a strong female main character who can hold her own (ie. the anti-Twilight heroine).  That said, I wish that Will was a little more of a hero in this book.  Not that Sam needed to be rescued (a la Bella Swan) but it would have been nice to have Will take the lead a bit more.

I do admit that I did question some of the plot lines.  Some seemed a little unrealistic or odd.  Why would Sam think that going back to her hometown be the safest option?  That's where Helmann found her the first time!  Wouldn't Helmann have someone scouting the area since her parents are still there?  And what's up with her parents??  Sam is supposedly really close with her dad and stepmom yet she never seems to spend time with them.

Don't get me wrong, this was a decent read.  Ms Swanson has a very unique take on a supernatural themed series.  This book just didn't conclude the trilogy as I would have hoped. 

My Rating: 2/5 stars

Note: My sincere thanks to Cidney Swanson for providing me with this complimentary copy of Unfurl for my honest review.

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